Dwarf Males

CH. "Ebonyhill´s Bonjour L`Amour "

Callname: Mishka, Mikki, Mick                       Imp. Finnland

* 11.04.2014                                     Virve Tajakka (Ebonyhill´s)


WR: 29.0 x 31.0


V: Ebonyhill´s Zooming Trick

M: Ebonyhill´s Luck Be A Lady


Optigen A by parents, Laboklin A                

Patella 0/0, Cataract free



  • VDH-Europajugendsieger
  • Jugendchampion VDH
  • Jugendchampion DPK
  • Jugendchampion VDP
  • German Junior Winner
  • Deutscher Champion VDH
  • Deutscher Champion DPK

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CH. "Zoom Sweet Loops von Ziethnereck"

Click picture to his own side
Click picture to his own side

Callname: Möhrchen


WR: 29.0 x 31.0


* 20.10.2009


V: Cezz´s Look Like Liquorice

M: of loveley children Jumping Jubilee


Laboklin getested A


* DPK-Jüngstensieger 

* VDH-Jugendsieger Leipzig

* VDP-Jugendsieger

* DPK-Jugendchampion

* VDH-Jugendchampion

* Jugendsieger Rostock

* Jugendsieger Berlin

* PZV-Sieger

* Polen Winner 2011

* Danish Champion

* Deutscher Champion DPK

SECH  Party-Lines Make Love Not War



Callname: Foppa


* 28.11.2007


 WR: 32.0


  prcd-A, PL-0/0, Cataract free


V: CH. Solnes Rain Maker

M: Don Balbinos Princess Peach



Foppa is a very nice type and always a happy funny boy.

Still in excellent condition and health.


I´m very happy that I got the opportunity to get this male for my breeding and to call him my own.


Breeder: Christer Ivarsson/SWE

" Jamie Lee von Ziethnereck "

Jamie Lee mit 11 Jahren
Jamie Lee mit 11 Jahren


* 06.06.2007


WR: 32.0 x 34.0


V: Mystic Magician von Ziethnereck

M: Kertellas Wind Chimes


Laboklin A getestet

Katarakt frei

PL 0/0



CH. " Tassis Back To Front "

Click picture for his own side
Click picture for his own side

Callname: Tallyman, Tallybaby

* 13.03.2009

WR: 32.0 x 33.0

V: Kudos Trademark

M: Tassis Another Caramell


Breeder: Gunilla Sandberg/Sweden                   (retired from Shows and Breeding)

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